I am a mathematician, I am a maker, I am a mother, I am vegetarian, I am Polish, I am Peruvian, I am French and again I am a mathematician.

What is this website?

I used to be a blogger. After a few years break from blogging, this is yet another fresh start for my blogger identity. As usual, I’ll blog mostly about mathematics.

This website is (planned to be) also a placeholder for useful bits of information

  • about me: a CV, a list of publications, a list of projects…
  • about my interests: a reading list, appreciation lists…

You said French ? Polish ? Peruvian?

This is (planned to be) a multi-lingual website. I would like for pages at least to be shown in four languages, the four that I speak. Blog posts will be in whatever language I feel comfortable at the moment.

I place high-value on the web accessibility. If you encounter any accessibility issues with this website, please tell me.

The website is hosted on GitHub Pages. This means that all the code is public, and that you can submit issues and pull-requests when you encounter any problem. Please, feel free to do so.

Thanks for reading me

I appreciate it.