Alba Málaga happily looking at you from behind a computer.

My name is Alba Marina Málaga Sabogal. I created this mathematical website to share the knowledge, ideas and feelings that I have gathered along the years.

Math is my job: I am a researcher in Dynamical Systems and I also sometimes teach at college. You can look at my old plain html webpage at Orsay laboratory.

Math is an everyday observation attitude: at life there are so many things that are well represented symbolically. I like to impress family and friends with little computations or deductive reasoning.

Math is also travel: from Korea to Senegal, my profession took me to many places and allowed me so many cultural exchanges.

Math is knowledge craving: posing questions one after the other, from trivial to complex to really complicated, endlessly.

Math is for me also sharing. I have coordinated the French chapter of the IMAGINARY - open mathematics project and I am still a very active contributor. I created my first mathematical hands-on when I was still a High School student. This site, this blog will comment thoroughly on what I use and what I create in order to communicate about mathematics to the general public: 3D sculptures, images, apps…